The Secret Garden Workshops, The Big Draw…

After the success of the bunting workshop at the Museum in the Park, Stroud, Quercus were invited to facilitate a series of workshops based on the overgrown ‘secret garden’ at the Museum, which is due to be cleared and re-planted. Each 3 hour drop-in workshop was aimed at adults and attracted on average around 20 participants. The first of these was a mono-printing workshop focusing on autumn leaves, which was run by Alison and held in the bandstand:


Alison then ran a paper collage workshop based on Rousseau’s jungle paintings. The results were these bold, striking collages:


The third workshop was drawing on clay, led by Emily. Clay ivy leaves were made and painted with slip, which was then scratched through to reveal the clay underneath:


Anna led a ‘rubbings’ workshop using leaves and other resources from the park and the secret garden:


The next workshop was led by Ann-Margreth who made delicate web collages using mixed media and drawings of the secret garden:


Finally, Anna and Ann-Margreth led a web workshop inside the secret garden itself. The group worked together to create one piece; a giant web spanning several trees, which would catch the autumn leaves as they fell: