Alias Research Trip – Cornwall 21/3/09

In March 2009 Quercus undertook a research trip to Cornwall to begin networking with various artist-led groups, funded by Alias (Artist Led Initiatives Advisory Service).

This opportunity for Quercus to meet up and discuss their working practices and experiences with other groups was a key step in forming relationships that may lead to futher collaboration, events and exhibiting opportunites for all artists involved.

Tremenheere Sculpture Garden Emily Smith meeting2 walkneilarmstrongIMG_6708[1]

Studio Swap 23/4/08

Quercus is a group of 5 sculptors who use a variety of materials and techniques.  The artists are united in their appreciation of hands-on craft based making skills, despite much of their work being highly conceptual and ideas-led.

One early excercise they undertook was to experience each other’s working environment in the form of a studio swap. This was a day event where each artist was able to use materials and processes that were not part of their usual practice.

Ann Margreth-Bohl

Emily Smith

Anna Usborne

Alison Cockroft

Aimee Lax