Artist Profiles

Ann-Margreth Bohl

Stonecarving, canvas-cutting, layered mobiles, exploration of light and dark in slow and faster motion
e: me@annmargrethbohl.com
w: annmargrethbohl.com


Alison Cockcroft

Finely tuned and balanced works of the imagination
in metal and paper
e: alison@aliart.freeserve.co.uk
w: alisoncockcroft.co.uk



Emily Joy (nee Smith)

Emily is a sculptor, ceramicist and installation artist. Her practice examines themes of loss, absence and trace and stands as an investigation of memory; the subjectivity, transience and loss inherent in the act of remembering. The work is rooted in philosophy and in theory such as Derrida’s theory of grammatical trace and Freud’s theory of memory, and applies it to the materials and methods used. The work questions objective and singular memory, and investigates how the past is recalled through both visual memory and physical trace.
e: emilysmithsculpture@hotmail.com
w: easmithartist.com


Aimee Lax

These sculptural forms stand to discuss our endeavours to create and exist in a world of artificial nature. I explore themes of attraction/repulsion, familiar/unfamiliar and other-wordliness by examining the conventions of displaying nature within our culture.
The materials I use are vital to this discourse. I use porcelain for its symbolism, it’s purity, fragility and strength, often mixing with contrasting materials for example silicone rubber, metal, the ready-made object, other clays and glass.
The sculptures can exist in a variety of environments, often made in components they can transform and change through installation. Displaying the work in the gallery context, new questions arise of how the viewer experiences not only nature itself, but art about nature and the role of artificiality. In doing this, I present a reflection on the contemporary situation of the relationship between nature and culture.
w: aimeelax.co.uk


Anna Usborne

The work reflects an interest in how objects relate to architecture and interact with people

e: anna_usborne@hotmail.com
w: annausborne.com



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