Beyond the Verge – April/May 2009

As part of the investigation into the collaborative process, Quercus undertook a series of five walks to negotiate the boundaries of Stroud town. Not always easy to find, our ‘boundary’ discovery involved some hedge hopping and wall scaling. Quercus recorded sounds, sights and feelings during the journeys.

Adolescent playgrounds, detritus.
Sweaty junky hideouts. Many trees wounded by embedded barbs.
Birdsong and Channel 5
A 6am Sunday outside Tricorn House. Razor wire.
Giant Hemlock skeletons.
A hollow oak on the Cotswolds way and a stagnant floating barge next to the lock keepers cottage.
The severed viaduct
Man lying in the sun – is he dead?
Smell of barbeques
The coal merchant in the quarry. Twisted red vines.
View over to Middleyard.
Gold hoops in shattered glass – gun shot wounds
Flasher child.


The walks resulted in a series of texts, drawings and sculptures that were displayed in the courtyard at Stroud Valleys Artspace during the site09 festival  (See Site09 post).

spring 09 (49)



spring 09 (56)



spring 09 (46)


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